Giveaway, Lisa Frank, & More

date: 02/05/17 - name: Alexa

First of all, shout out to Bunny @ SweetCafe for making this amazing layout for me! It's somewhat Lisa Frank inspired & I'm in love with it! ALSO check the updates box, because I added some new resources & added on to content that's already up! Thank you so much to everyone for using & downloading content, viewing my site, giving me compliments on my site & etc. None of it goes unnoticed, you guys are the best! <3 So there is a huge giveaway when Sunblaze's like page reaches 100 likes!! To get 1 entry, like the page. To get another entry, share the page or invite friends & last to get entered a 3rd time use any of's content! That simple. There will be 3 winners who will all be getting a huge set of customized prize options for whoever wins. I hope you enjoy my 90s throwback Lisa Frank cheetahs layout & enter the giveaway that I mentioned in here. ~ like page is on the side nav. More updates are coming in the near future so look for that loves. ;)!<3 | Sunblaze is open!

date: 01/07/17 - name: Alexa

suprise suprise a brand new site from me. I don't have all the content up yet, but trusss there will be a ton more coming! I hope you guys use and love sunblaze ( - yeah I went with a 3 instead of an e, because bitches already bought every possible sunblaze domain name, oh well.) I'll be sticking with this site and updating a lot! so you should always be checking back or like's like page on facebook - click facebook on the top navbar - for instant updates, fun giveaways, and much more. if you're wondering why it says ListsForSure in my welcome section it's because I am in the process of working on a non site world site. It's going to be amazing & will be open at the end of next month sooo let's hope it's a successful site like (my old site) back in myspace days kind of popular, but even BIGGER and BETTER. Anyways, back to talking about sunblaze. Some of my content is bought (don't like it? don't use it.), but MOST of it is made by me. I've learned so much about the new ways of doing things in the site world, and it's making each resource site I make better & better! Also my talent has improved like 83473869696969x since myspace dayz. hasn't everyones though? the talent in the site world is amazing! I just wish there was more people in the site world so it's really poppin' again, so like if you're reading this and want to make signs, own a site, or are just really awesome join the FACEBOOK site world & let's get shit poppin again! I hope you enjoy my rambling. If not, fvck it, go use my content instead of reading this then lol. on that note - Welcome to & use some awesome content, check back for updates, and stay bomb as hell. love you bitches. mwah ;)! P.S. thanks Kecia for this amazing domain layout! You can find her site in the footer of my site or on sunblaze's credits page.

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